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This consists of 3 sheets of 16 x 16- inch artist’s paper, imprinted with hand-written texts. Four 3 x 3- inch Polaroid SX-70 prints are mounted in the designated places. “Polaroid Drawing Triptych/1. [or “2” or “3”] In deference to the practitioners: Krims, Locks, Samaras and Sicilia” is written on the bottom of each sheet, and each is signed in pencil “Heinecken B.A.T. Proof Apr. ’78.” The tongue-in-cheek text describes a process of drawing on Polaroid prints with colored pencils, but somehow also has some real observations about photography and drawing. However the Polaroid prints, that purport to show the stages of the process, eventually reveal an image of woman’s crotch area, being attacked by the colored pencils that uncover the true subject.


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