Cyanotype, 13 1/2 x 6 3/4- inches with “Pepperberries/California” in pencil on the verso, in her hand. A note inside the mat indicates this came from the estate of the artist.

Jaques was an important American graphic artist who also produced a large body of cyanotype photograms of flowers, where the flowers were placed directly on the photographic paper — no camera was involved. This related to her deep interest in nature, and also the influence of Japanese graphic arts. This of course echoed the pioneering photograms of flowers from the dawn of photography by Anna Atkins, but these have a different aesthetic sensibility

Some of these photograms were made outdoors, as this seems to have been. The branch of leaves and berries was not perfectly flat, and so seems to have been moved slightly by the wind. This creates an interesting effect that will be appreciated or not, depending on your own visual sense.




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