Daguerreotype DaguerreotypeA gauzy shawl comes down from her shoulder at left. This is a wonderful portrait with delicate coloration, in original seals, in a case with a separated cover. It is by Harrison and Hill, 283 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Gabriel Harrison and G. W. Hill were at this address from 1852 – 56 (Craig.) There was a portrait of Harrison in Be-hold 60. Here is part of the text:

“The flamboyant and energetic Harrison had a career in the theater and was active in politics, though he is best known for his daguerreotypes. He is credited with important daguerreotypes of Poe and Whitman (it has been questioned whether he was the artist.) His other daguerreotypes include the famous “Infant Savior” in which his son is posed as Jesus carrying the cross. He worked in the Plumbe studio, and opened galleries in Manhattan and later Brooklyn.“


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