JULIETTE GRECO by Warnecke & Schoenbaechler, 1960

 JULIETTE GRECO by Warnecke & Schoenbaechler, 1960

 JULIETTE GRECO by Warnecke & Schoenbaechler, 1960 (verso)

Harry Warnecke (1900 – 1994) and associates at the New York Daily News used the complex three color carbro process to make vibrant color portraits of various scenes and celebrities from the entertainment, political and other realms.  They developed a camera that could take three separate color images of the subject. These were printed one on top of each other to make startlingly rich color prints that would then be used to make the color covers of the Rotogravure section of the Daily News, one of the first uses of color in newspapers.

An exhibition of Warnecke’s color portraits, “In Vibrant Color,” took place at the National Portrait Gallery in 2012.

This is a unique original color print with a 16 x 13 – inch image. The edges of some of the separate color images can be seen at the border of the picture. The print is mounted on board, as original, with notation on the verso.

This portrait was made by Warnecke and his associate Schoenbackler on March 8, 1960. Notations on the verso indicate that this very print was intended for the cover of the Coloroto section of the NY Daily News on June 5, 1960, but “Subject to change if we get wedding pictures of Princess Margaret in time.’ A note says the carbro itself was printed by “L.J.E.” Her hair and eyebrows have been excellently retouched to enhance the reproduction.

Juliette Greco (1927) was active in the Resistance as a young girl. After the War she frequented the left bank cafes and was part of the intellectual circle of Jean Paul Sartre and other existentialists, and the artistic circle that included Miles Davis and Jean Cocteau. She had a role in Cocteau’s “Orphee” (1949). Her other films include Jean Renoir’s “Elena et les hommes” (1956), “The Sun Also Rises”, “The Roots of Heaven,” and “Bonjour Tristesse.” She is best known for her many albums of songs.



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