German daguerreotype, ribbon band on her hair


JOHANN EBERHARD FEILNER, WOMAN WITH RIBBON BAND ON HER HEAD. ¼ plate daguerreotype in ornate mat in a rare case. There is a thread at the top that allows the plate to be lifted from the case. The case is oversize: its outside dimensions are 5 ½ x 4 3/8 – inches. It opens from the top and hooks onto two latches at the bottom. There is a white silk pad and the back of the case has a wonderful floral design that I have never encountered before. The plate is sealed all across the back.”1848 October” is written in pencil. The presentation is typical of the other rare daguerreotypes by this artist from Bremen Germany that are in European collections. The quality of the image is remarkable. The spine is attached. The cover is warped. [4]


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