Two Women Making an Offering to a Statue of a Goddess, Brazil

BH 62 - Lot 123. Salgado_small

Sebastião Salgado, b. 1944

Two Women Making an Offering to a Statue of a Goddess, Brazil, 1980
Gelatin Silver Print
10 x 7 in.

It comes from the collection of Ken Lassiter who produced a series of programs dealing with the work of some photographers. He became friends with Salgado, who gave him this print. Lassiter’s note reads “Salgado was going to lecture at RIT and appear on the Techniques of the Masters for Kodak, so Ken went to Paris to make the arrangements and to tape him at work in his darkroom. We needed some images for the show and posters so he sat me down on his living room floor and brought stacks of his images for Ken to select from. What a thrill! Salgado knew how Ken admired this image so he signed and gave it to us when he came to dinner the night before the broadcast. Salgado was the first subject in Ken’s series of interviews in Photographers’ Forum Magazine”

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