Two Women Making an Offering to a Statue of a Goddess, Brazil

BH 62 - Lot 123. Salgado_small

Sebastião Salgado, b. 1944

Two Women Making an Offering to a Statue of a Goddess, Brazil, 1980
Gelatin Silver Print
10 x 7 in.

It comes from the collection of Ken Lassiter who produced a series of programs dealing with the work of some photographers. He became friends with Salgado, who gave him this print. Lassiter’s note reads “Salgado was going to lecture at RIT and appear on the Techniques of the Masters for Kodak, so Ken went to Paris to make the arrangements and to tape him at work in his darkroom. We needed some images for the show and posters so he sat me down on his living room floor and brought stacks of his images for Ken to select from. What a thrill! Salgado knew how Ken admired this image so he signed and gave it to us when he came to dinner the night before the broadcast. Salgado was the first subject in Ken’s series of interviews in Photographers’ Forum Magazine”

Milton Greene – Jimmie Durante Pianoman

Milton Greene - Jimmy Durant

An interesting photograph by Greene who is mostly known for his portraits of Marilyn Monroe. The great entertainer Jimmie Durante is seen from the back at an upright piano. The studio light is prominent in the picture. The print is rich. Thee is a 1- inch horizontal slit in the black at the right  edge to the right of the light. It can not be seen in normal viewing nor in the unretouched scan. Greene’s signature and date in pen on his stamp on the verso. He has also endorsed the print on the bottom of the at.


Don Worth

Don Worth 02

Don Worth, “Cycas Revoluta, Hilo, Hawaii, 1977.”
Gelatin silver print
14 x 11 in.

Title in pencil on verso, and “4 – 77 – 2” with Worth’s stamp, address stamp, “DO NOT CROP” AND “THIS PRINT FOR REPRODUCTION PURPOSES ONLY” stamps. Remnants of applied label verso. Slight crease bottom margin.


Don Worth (1924 – 2009)
Part of the group of West Coast photographers that included Ansel Adams, Edward and Brett Weston, Imogen Cunningham, Ruth Bernhard.) His photographs of flowers are notable. His book “Plants” was published in 1977. His work is in the collections of museums such as the Getty, Museum of Modern Art, Chicago Art Institute, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, High Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston., Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Don Worth 02 back

Georgia Neese Clark in Richland, Kansas

Gordon Coster front

Gordon Coster back

Year:                 1950
Measurement: 11 1/4 × 14 in. (28.6 × 35.6 cm)
Medium:           Ferrotyped Gelatin Silver Print
Made on a LIFE magazine assignment about Georgia Neese Clark, who had just been named as the first woman Treasurer of the U.S. A similar image was used in the LIFE story. The woman is Georgia Neese Clark walking towards the family grocery in Richland Kansas. This is a careful interesting composition moody and documentary. Slight handling indications in upper corners. “Photography Gordon Coster Stamp” on verso.


Altar Before Rotunda, by Francis Bruguière

Lot 28. Bruguière_web13 3/8 x 10 5/8- inch gelatin silver print, hand colored, on the  original decorative 22 x 13 3/4- inch double mat, signed and dated on the print and again on the mount beneath the print. This is in the rotunda of the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts at the time of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, printed and colored a year or so later. A masterpiece of evocative pictorialist photography, using the architectural features as a basis for something mysterious, brought out by the coloring (each print colored by hand) and lighting. This is a great example of this print.



page1017page101810 x 8- inch toned gelatin silver print. This is a film still by William Mortensen from Cecil B. DeMille’s “massive biblical production.” The scene shows Victor Varconi and Majal Coleman as Pilate and his wife. Has Mortensen’s stamp on the verso. It is interesting as an example of his studio work before the wild  pictorialist photographs he is known for. The melodramatic faces of the scene anticipate some aspects of his later work.

$100 – postage paid within US, $10 to Canada


IndustrialThis may be from large dynamo. One of a group of industrial photographs that have been made by an accomplished photographer with great care in terms of lighting and composition. There is no identification of maker. 15 ½ x 20 – inch toned gelatin silver print on heavy paper. This is a particularly dynamic photograph from this series.