315z-c.13A masterpiece of vernacular photography. The atanding  figures and those weaving rope are individualized, with heads looking in various directions. This anticipates some mid-century street photography by masters such as Winogrand and Photo League.

The title in the negative, by an unknown photographer, is “No. 138. Lavoatorici di corda – Giudecca.”


Elephants in the U.S. 1924 – 3 Vintage Photographs

Circus Elephant

elephants bathingelephants circus

3 vintage press photographs from International Press, with attached text slugs.

One, 8″ x 10″, shows trainers bathing elephants from Luna Park in the Coney Island surf among the bathers. Another, 6 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, shows a woman riding in an elephant-chariot at the Barnes Circus winter quarters near Venice, California. A third, of the same size, shows a line of trained circus elephants said to be worth millions of dollars.

All show handling and creases at edges.

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Scenes of Pike County, PA by W.H. Allerton, 1892


These are large Boudoir-size albumen prints on 8 x 10-inch brown mounts with Allerton’s logo on the verso.

Two are the same image — the rustic entrance to “Ardtornish,” named after the castle in Scotland. One has “Ardtornish Gateway/ ug. 8/92” and name “S. H. Donaldson” in pen on verso. This has some foxing in the sky.

One shows people in rowboat pulled up next to boathouse, swimmer in the water.

One shows the fireplace and interior of a rustic home, and another the exterior with woman on the porch and another in an upstairs window.

The final image shows a woman kneeling to pick herbs, as another looks on. This is very rich.

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