Images Related to Andre Malraux’s Film “L’ESPOIR”

André Malraux’s film L’ESPOIR.

A large group of posters dealing with this 1938-39 anti-fascist film dealing with the Spanish Civil War. It was based on a scene in Malraux’s novel translated as “Man’s Hope.” It was not released until 1945 and was censored under pressure of the Franco regime and copies were destroyed, but it was later revived.

These were displayed in New York ca. 1950 by the Cultural Services of the French embassy. They are approximately 8 ½ x 11 or the reverse gelatin silver copy prints tipped onto 16 ½ x 13 ¼ inch or the reverse board mounts.

Four relate to the production or script writing of the film. There are 9 screen shots, and two portraits of Malraux. Six more deal with people involved in the production, one scene from a play about Shanghai and 3 more. Condition is good with no problems. $500

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