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This is a special edition of a classic illustrated scientific book, with 25 stunning albumen prints by Negretti and Zambra, who were the official photographers of the London Crystal Palace.

The full title on other editions is “Figures of Remarkable Forms of Polycystins, Or Allied Organisms, in the Barbados Chalk Deposit (chiefly from that collected by Dr. Davy, and which He Had Noticed in a Lecture Delivered to the Agricultural Society of Barbados, in July, 1846). Drawn by Mrs. Bury, As Seen in Her Microscope, on Slides Prepared by Chr. Johnson, Esq., of Lancaster, 1860 and 1861.” The present volume, quarto size, only has “Polycystins” stamped in gold on the vellum and board cover that has additional gold edging.


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