Rare Case for Cabinet Cards

CDV Holder CDV Holder CDV Holder6 7/8-inches tall, 5 –inches deep, 2 1/8- inches deep, covered in red leatherette. The top half lifts up to show the cabinet cards within. “Photographs” is a gilded embossment on the curved front.

The surface is worn in places, especially on the curved front and the top. Still attractive and a nice object for the collector of cabinet cards.

$50 — postage paid within US, $10 to Canada


cdv03 cdv02 cdv01 cdv24 cdv23 cdv22 cdv21 cdv20 cdv19 cdv18 cdv17 cdv16 cdv15 cdv14 cdv13 cdv12 cdv11 cdv10 cdv09 cdv08 cdv07 cdv06 cdv05 cdvAn original glassine folder with 24 excellent CDV’s of British (and one Belgian) portraits. They are all on mostly similar white mounts. Some have photographers indicated. They remind me of the now scarce CDV’s by Silvy in richness and posing. Subjects are Royalty and aristocracy. I believe they were originally purchased together from a shop and kept together, never put in an album, so they are fresh, and give an indication of how CDV’s were purchased. Indicated makers are Mayer Brothers, London; Ross & Thompson, London; J. Geruzer, Brussels; Pottinger, Cheltenham (3); Thewenet Brothers, Bath; Angel, Exeter (4); Southwell, London (2); Maull & Polyblane, London; White, Brighton; Barrath, Torquay.



New YearNew Year

It includes a photographed design by Peter Britt, who was an artist as well as a photographer, His son Emil joined his father’s studio in 1883, and so it was appropriate for his portrait to be on this card.

Peter Britt (1819 – 1905) was the pioneering photographer in Southern Oregon throughout the 19th Century.

There is a soft horizontal bend about one inch to the right of the left edge that doesn’t break the surface.

$150 – Postage paid within US, $10 to Canada

California CDV’s Collection

California CDVCalifornia CDVCalifornia CDVCalifornia CDVCalifornia CDVCalifornia CDVcali08 cali09 cali06 cali07

A fascinating archive of CDV’s by California makers. There are some scarce makers and backmarks. Most are ordinary portraits, but there are a few of unusual interest as will be noted.

Asher’s Opposition Gallery, Sacramento
Bayley and Cramer’s Art Gallery, San Francisco [top and bottom trimmed]
Bradley & Rulofson, San Franciso, with engraved illustration on verso
Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco. 2 vignette head portraits of Juliet J. Mezes, wife of founder of Redwood City, One with slight hand-coloring. Eagle engraving on verso
William Brown, Modesto. This has been cut to CDV size from a cabinet card
C. L. Cramer, San Francisco
C. L. Cramer’s California Gallery, San Francisco, an enameled card
Oliver Denny, Sacramento. Nice portrait of standing wedding couple
Dorr & Maxwell, San Franciso
Edouart’s San Francisco
Edouart’s San Francscio, with engraved illustration of the gallery verso, subject identified
John D. Godeus South Park Photographic Gallery, San Francicso
Joun D. Godeus Peoples’ Art Gallery (two CDV’s)
B. F. Howland, San Francsco.  Five CDV’s with elaborate logos verso. 3 have “B. F. Howland & C. Artists” on mount bottom, 3 have vignette drawings or heavily retouched photos, with “B. F. Howland, Artist” on mount bottom
George Johnson, San Francisco. Nice small label on verso.
J. C.Kemp, Great Flying Photograph Gallery,  Sacramento. Nice standing portrait with ‘Proprietor” printed beneath. This may be Kemp himself.
Marston & Mains, San Francisco
Morse’s Palace of Art, San Francisco. Two CDV’s with raised oval vignette portraits, probably husband and wife. Wife has hand coloring.   “G. Morse” embossed below the oval. Elaborate engraved backmark with camera.
New York Gallery, San Francisco. J. H. Peters, Proprietor. Two CDV’s.
New York Gallery, San Francsico.  Enamel portaiit, standing man
Silas Selleck, San Francisco. Two CDV’s, oval portraits of identified persons, probably copied from daguerreotypes.
Jacob Shew, Pioneer Photographer, San Francisco. Nice portrait of a girl before backdrop.
William Shew. San Franciso. Nice small label on verso.
Shew’s New Photographic Establishment,  San Francisco. 2 CDV’s, one oval portrait of a woman is endorsed by her.
Wm Shew’s Enameled Cards.
Al. Smith, Marysville.
Woods’ Art & Photograph Gallery, Marysville. Standing woman, identified

$195 – Postage paid within US, $10 to Canada

SAMUEL F.B. MORSE, CDV by Fredricks

Samuel MorseSamuel Morse

Beside his invention of the telegraph, Morse was a significant painter. He was the first to bring Daguerre’s method of making daguerreotypes to the US. He taught the process to several of the major American practitioners.

This is a rich portrait, less common than those that show him with his medals. Prof. Morse is written in pencil on the bottom margin.

$190 – Postage paid within US, $10 to Canada