Paul Trapier, by George Cook




Daguerreotype, 1/6 This is very special on several accounts. First of all it is by George Cook, a major figure in the Daguerreian era. His main location was in Charleston. He started out in New York, had galleries in several locations in the deep south, and in St. Louis. He had extensive contacts with other of the great daguerreotypists. He assisted at Brady’s NY gallery and at Root’s Gallery in Philadelphia. This image is an a rare and desirable case with his “COOK/ARTIST/CHARLESTON” embossed on the case cover.

It is not only identified as Paul Trapier, but comes with a  card giving the long history of the family that played a significant role in the spiritual life of Charleston.

The daguerreotype has its original seal, so you can see dust under the glass. The plate itself has a few light spots. It has subtle coloring.